hear from some OUR FWA STUDENTS


“Feminine Woman Academy is not like any other course that I've ever seen.

I’ve been a part of this academy because it starts with inner healing. I’ve never ever ever heard of any academy course starting with inner healing because if you’re not healed, then anything else that you doing your life is not going to be whole.”


“My confidence has completely changed.

I knew that Feminine Woman Academy was the perfect outlet to help me build the woman God has called me to be. I was healed from mother wounds, the living field of marriage, my confidence has completely changed and I no longer have lost self esteem.


“I've learned that it's okay to be loving

to be that extra loving and be extra caring to be there for my children to listen to them better and to be one part of their lives.


However, you’re not like *most people.

You have a sensing and an urging from heaven that it’s time NOW to train for your future!

and even if you’re shaking, scared, and nervous you know deep down inside that you have no time to waste because you were

“Born for such a time as this!”


“What God has placed inside you is not just for you, but for thousands of lives connected to you!”

This is why I created Feminine Woman Academy because it is not just an Academy ….

it’s a step-by- step proven roadmap and  an invitation from heaven!

it’s a step-by- step proven roadmap and
 an invitation from heaven!


Becoming A Modern-Day Esther

Hear more about that invitation here from one of my most popular podcast episodes.
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let me ask you a serious question:

If the only thing you got from enrolling in Feminine Woman Academy right now was…

Transforming your home into a habitation for God’s presence

Showing up to the next meeting or event confidently knowing how to dress, speak, and dine with etiquette and elegance

Would it be worth it to you?


And the best part about it is that’s not all you get. You get all three of these listed and 10x more!

let’s get started

Here’s how it works

01 / Enroll

Enroll in Feminine Woman Academy. Also, make sure your mailing address is up to date because we also mail out gifts.

02 / Access

Review your email for welcome instructions and details on timelines, accessing content, and joining our private FWA community. Complete an intake form to let us know more about you.

03 / Chat

Expect a personal phone call from myself and Team AF Enterprises within 24-72 hours of you enrolling in FWA. I told you we’re family!

04 / Learn

Unveil a brand new school every two weeks. Say goodbye to traditional modules, as we proudly present our unique six schools, each meticulously crafted to be both comprehensive and concise.

pre- WORK

Mindset of Royalty

After completing this pre-work you will...



Inner Healing & Deliverance

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


You can decide to stay comfortable and afraid to make the leap into the unknown and second guess if you’re even worth investing this much in yourself.

Well, the Bible says that your worth is far more than rubies.

So there’s that!

or you can decide to enroll with your hands shaking and nervous because you know all of heaven is cheering for you and none of hell can stop you.

Here’ the truth:

You deserve the best of the best.

You already know some etiquette or you wouldn’t be attracted to this page. However, this is not just *some etiquette*. This is the cream of the crop Harvard edition type etiquette! So, by enrolling in FWA, you’re not saying you don’t know anything-you’re saying I want the best of the best because I deserve the best of the best! Oh, and yes ma'am you do!

God is not obligated to wait on you.

Sometimes He speaks audibly and sometimes He gives nudges via the excitement in your spirit knowing that yes this is for me! (This is for those who said let me just pray on joining FWA 😉 )

more than just a course

Let’s sum up everything you’ll
receive in Feminine Woman Academy

6 premium schools with pre-recorded video & audio training

$5982 Value

Monthly Coaching Calls with Amanda Ferguson and the FWA Mentors

$2997 Value

Private access to FWA community with hundreds of women (14 weeks duration)

$1997 Value

TOTAL VALUE: $10,976

...all for a single payment OF $1997

meet your mentor

Amanda Ferguson

I’m a wife, mother to four beautiful children, Christian speaker, Dallas church planter with my husband, and well known as the “Chanel” of certified etiquette experts.

Growing up in a low-income family eating cornbread (only cornbread) for dinner many nights, I decided to believe for MORE for my life and learned etiquette that completely reinvented my life. Now after almost a decade of learning etiquette, I’ve simplified it into a system that gets you results

From being a guest at the White House to becoming a millionaire…from a book deal with my husband to my own Amanda Ferguson documentary being created……partnering with heaven through etiquette has transformed my life, and it can transform yours as well!

Amanda Ferguson has
empowered thousands to make radical change in their lives.

Amanda Ferguson is the creator of the prestigious Feminine Woman Academy, top-rated podcaster of The Amanda Ferguson show, and has had several media appearances such as Joni Table Talk and her very own documentary created by The Green Room Team on Daystar called “The Amanda Ferguson Story”.

Are you ready to be apart of our FWA family?

Let’s do this!

choose your plan to join feminine woman academy

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Regardless of your chosen payment plan, you’ll receive immediate access to the course and world class support in Feminine Woman Academy.
We’re looking forward to meeting you inside!

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